Saturday, 14 June 2014

Emma Stenbeck

Recently met mPHATic who has 30 years or more in the music business and has previously released a 'chill out' style album (see Mphatic on Facebook and check out his album 'Asutra' on iTunes). mPHATic is also a recording engineer & producer and has been working with Emma Stenbeck, another promising new NZ talent. Emma has recently released a single off what will be her first album once released, its called Something About You (available on iTunes) and is pretty damn good! Emma's next single is due out in July, and her EP will hopefully be out sometime in the near future after that on iTunes (and hopefully CD). Emma has done some earlier demos and such as well, including several covers, prior to working on this album and you can hear those on Soundcloud and MySpace (and some are also on YouTube). But the new single (and album) is the one to watch - try it out on iTunes!

Meanwhile mPHATic is a recent convert to Focal - and is now using Focal Pro Gear for his studio. He joins Joel Little who did all Lorde's recordings on Focal gear (and I believe Kimbra has had some of her work done on Focal's too) as well as several other NZ producers & artists using Focal equipment. And he has told me in person how blown away he is with how the Focal's sound compared to other speaker systems...

Emma has a second single due for release in July - so watch for it!

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